December 28

#CoverageMatters to Dan, a BMX rider who knows he’s not invincible. Coverage has his back. Join him and #GetCovered. http://go.usa.gov/x8yvj

#CoverageMatters to Darvin, a Missouri farmer with a pre-x condition that doesn’t hold him back. http://go.usa.gov/x8mrb via @HHSGov

The #ACA gave Mary the freedom to leave her job, pursue her dream, and still be covered. It gave her independence. http://go.usa.gov/xkJEz

#CoverageMatters to Mina. Thanks to the #ACA, she stayed on her parents' plan until 26. http://go.usa.gov/x8nsN via @HHSGov

When Mina was diagnosed with cancer, her Marketplace coverage was there to protect her. http://go.usa.gov/x8nsN #CoverageMatters #GetCovered

#CoverageMatters for icecreampreneur Victoria Lai. The #ACA made pursuing her business a reality. http://go.usa.gov/x85xK

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‘Thank you for serving me when I didn’t vote for you’: A Republican writes the president…

March 08

The White House on Thursday published a letter that Brent Brown, a Republican from Wisconsin, wrote to president Barack Obama in June.

Brown, who has voted Republican his entire life, wrote that he had been “very vocal” in his opposition to Obama—especially on healthcare.

That was before he got treatment for a serious autoimmune disease through the Affordable Care Act.

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Five Holiday Characters Who Wish They Were Covered

December 15

By Sylvia Mathews Burwell, HHS Secretary

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? As you look for the perfect gifts for friends and family, don’t forget to give a gift to yourself — affordable, quality health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Today is the deadline to sign up on HealthCare.gov for coverage that starts on January 1st.

The peace of mind and security that comes with health coverage can make everyone’s holiday a little brighter. In fact, if the Affordable Care Act were around for some of our favorite holiday characters, their stories might be a little different.

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